CUCC trip to Wales, 7-8 November 1998

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Our bunkhouse nestles cosily in a hollow, sheltering from the Welsh weather.

Loading up the transport ready for the day's riding.

"Where have the others got to?"

(most of) The CUCC MTB regiment: Cory, Jez, Simon, Tim, Kate, Myra and Bart.

Mountain bikers posing artistically in a quarry.

Mountain bikers still posing in the quarry.

They're still there! Well, it was a long climb which deserved a good rest.

The beginning of the Karrimor trail's swoopiest descent.

The beginning of the Karrimor and Red Bull trails in Coed Y Brenin.

Now there's a sign you don't see very often.

Kate, Steve and a somewhat ghostly Cory pose in front of Barmouth's top eating place.

The crew huddled damply at the end of Barmouth pier, their toes lapped by the incoming tide.

More food, this time back at the bunkhouse.

Ah yes, more food. This time in Beddgelert forest, rather like Thetford but on a slope. A big slope.

Huddled against the wind at the top of the bridleway that never was, somewhere high above Beddgelert.

Chris Jones, 10 November 1998