Freeride Spain, Lanjarón 2005

At the very break of dawn one summer Saturday, six intrepid travellers set forth to discover the delights of mountain biking in Spain's Sierra Nevada, accommodated and guided by Freeride Spain. This is their story, told day by day.

Saturday 2 July

Sunday 3 July

Monday 4 July

Tuesday 5 July

Wednesday 6 July

Thursday 7 July

Friday 8 July

The cast

Andy. Rides an almost immaculate Specialized Epic which sports only a little bit of gaffer tape.

Chris. His dynamo-powered S-Works FSR is a little high mileage but still eating up the trails.

Howard. Sporting the distinctive S.U.B. fork, his Santa Cruz Blur is the SUV of bikes.

Jon. On a retro tip, his Trek Y-bike (complete with vintage Pace fork) is still going strong.

Owain. He rides a super-lightweight carbon fibre Giant MCM Team only with only a small crack in the seat tube which he assures us has been repaired.

Tom. His titanium GT Xizang is normally only upside-down when he's building new wheels for it.