Trip to the Yorkshire Dales, 25-26 September 1999

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Saturday began with a quick spin around Malham Tarn before setting off down Mastiles Lane. Here Chris discovers that the puddle is a little deeper than he thought.

Smaller puddles and some bemused cows.

Pausing to allow heart rates to return to normal at the bottom of the outstanding descent towards Wharfedale.

A brooding Yorkshire sky glowers over Malham Moor.

Bart picks a fight with a boggy bit, and loses.

Moor Lane, Hetton, stretches onwards and upwards but the sun is shining so there's time for a pie stop first.

Climbing up Hetton Common.

Hey! The self-timer worked! Kate, Bart and Chris on Weets Top above Malham.

Who needs a map when you're travelling with Chris "signpost-head" Jones?

Tea and cakes at the end of the ride.

A little pre-dinner exploration revealed Gordale Scar in full flow... we had to climb up it. Here Kate and Chris disappear back down again.

Sunday, and after climbing (lots), descending (lots), and climbing some more, we find ourselves high on Deadman's Hill between Coverdale and Nidderdale.

Coming down into Nidderdale above Scar House reservoir.

A completely unposed shot on top of the dam. Yeah, right.

The highest point of the weekend: right at the very top of Nidderdale, on the upper slopes of Great Whernside. After the bogtastic climb up, it must be all downhill from here, surely?

Chris Jones, 2 October 1999