Snowdonia February 2003

Steep Road

Here we are about to descend what's apparently the steepest tarmac road in the country, near the castle in Harlech. That 40% gradient is 1 in 2.5! It's not a long hill, but if it was a fairground ride it would be very scary. We drove it without serious difficulty apart from having to do a 3-point turn to get round the hairpin bend on the steepest bit. I wonder if anyone has to do their driving test on this road?

Bart's Fallen Off!

There we were, climbing steadily along a bridleway into Coed Llyn y Garnedd just north of Penrhyndeudraeth, when Bart lost traction with his back wheel. There's always something to land in when that happens. Normally it's a rock or a tree, but this time it was a large patch of brambles. Ash and I eventually recovered our composure enough to help him out!

Coed Llyn y Garnedd

There had been some recent felling up in the forest which revealed a spectacular view across southern Snowdonia, including the Rhinogs and the sea. The sun was shining so it felt like a June evening rather than a Feburary day.

Cwm Croesor

This is just part of the breathtaking view from the head of Cwm Croesor. We had just gained a thousand feet cycling up the old access road to Croesor Quarry, and continued up the hill to see the panorama of the mountains all the way round to Tanygrisiau on the other side. We could also see the remains of the slate quarrying industry in the area, including the amazingly precipitous Rhosydd tramway which has a gradient of 1 in 0.97 near the top!