Ffridd Farm December 2002

Climbing above Arthog

Simon climbs up the green lane from above Arthog, on the lower slopes of Cadair Idris.

View from Cwn-llwyd

Here's the view all the way back across the Mawddach estuary to the mountains on the other side.

Down the other side

Descending towards Llanfihangel-y-pennant, Simon's making short work of the downhill...


...until an unexpected obstruction sends him flying into a ditch. Here's Andy attempting to straighten Simon's wheel while he gets his breath back.


Neither Simon nor his bike were capable of riding all the way back to Barmouth, so it had to be a team effort to tow him, using the time-honoured technique of a couple of inner tubes knotted together.


The view from the coast road across the estuary is quite something. You can see Fairbourne far below, and just make out Barmouth on the other side.

Orange Juice

Simon's injuries don't stop him helping to prepare dinner though. Here he's opening the orange juice with a pair of tinsnips. Of course. Actually, we brought the tinsnips just in case the baking tray wouldn't fit in the oven, but the tray was fine so we had to find another use for the tool.


What better place to enjoy Christmas dinner than in a bunkhouse on top of a mountain in Wales. Especially in black tie (with thermal underwear underneath). And all thanks to Bart, for doing an amazing job of the cooking especially considering that much of it was done in a coal-fired stove.


On the Sunday morning we set off into the nothingness above the farm heading for points unknown. The northern reaches of the Rhinogs loom in the background.

Llyn Eiddew-mawr

Eventually we found a very windswept Llyn Eiddew-mawr, which heralded the start of a very cross-country route back to the farm.

Bicycle Mountaineering

Steve engages in a bit of bicycle mountaineering as we follow a stream down from the lake across wildly varying terrain. There were rocks, waterfalls, gorse bushes, heather, grass, and the ever-present sheep to negotiate.

Route planning

Steve and Andy plot a route down through the valley while a very wintry sky boils overhead.