CUCC trip to Baldersdale, January 2005

Now, which one matches?

On Tow

Bart's Land Rover having finally made it to the Youth Hostel. Oh, what an epic journey.

Nick crossing a stream

James crossing a stream

Shane crossing a stream

Bernard and snow

There is snow on the hills behind, just to prove to Bernard's friends in South Africa that it exists

Andy crosses Maize Beck

Guided by Jon who's just got his feet very wet

Shane rides Maize Beck

Looking good, but it all went horribly wrong a moment later

In front of High Cup Gill

Team photo

Saturday's 'fast' mountain bike ride: Andy, Bernard, Shane, Jon, Nick, James and Austin

High Cup Gill

Don’t get too close to the edge

Setting off into the clouds

on High Cup Nick

Rocky bit

Above High Cup Gill


Austin has a little incident on the downhill to Dufton, saved by his front wheel and helmet

Climbing out of Dufton

Only another couple of hundred metres to go. This is the spot where Austin crashed on the way down.

Technical climb

Andy contemplates the tricky stretch ahead

Back up in the clouds

Shane on High Cup Nick

Back across Maize Beck


Towards the end of the ride, just as it started to rain

Sunday morning

At Baldersdale Youth Hostel



They're very tame in Hamsterley forest

Nick and the stream 1

Nice drop-off

Nick and the stream 2

Good landing

Nick and the stream 3

Uh-oh, seems to have stopped

Nick and the stream 4

You can guess what happened next

Leaving Hamsterley Forest

This wasn't the way we meant to go, but it'll do

Sharnberry Gill

What looks like an old mining road in a pretty valley

Andy enjoying the climb

Emerging on to the B6278

High on the moors, it's not a busy road

Jon tests the zero-track

Climbing up above Eggleston

Across the moors

Back towards Hamsterley

Place your bets now

Will it make it back to Cambridge?