Acorn ARM Evaluation System

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Top view

The classic BBC beige cheese-wedge case.


Self-explanatory, just as it should be. Surprisingly polished, if so few of these were made.

Rear view

Power cable, fuse and switch. Note it's a custom label again.

Bottom View

The label is actually on the power supply. The Tube ribbon cable is clearly visible.


The power supply and CPU board. The additional memory board is missing - it should plug into the white connector, I think.

CPU Board

ARM chip on the left, Tube ULA at the bottom, and RAM on the right.

ARM chip

Looks like the date code is 8625, sometime in summer 1986. Why does it say Autumn, then?


Is 517008 the serial number, or just an identifier from the PCB assembly house?

More labels

Lots of identification on the chips - the boot ROM and probably some programmable logic. Note the "37" on the little label on the right. Might that be a serial number?