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This site is run by Chris Jones. There are all sorts of bits and pieces here - click on the links in the green areas (if you're watching in colour) to see what's what.

This site is no longer updated, but you can see what's going on in the workshop at http://www.martin-jones.com/


describes various journeys to and through various places
is all about mountain biking
contains assorted technical articles
links to the sites of other people and organisations


You can contact me at chris@stumpie.com.

What's New?

Latest update: 2 July 2005. Freeride Spain 2005

19 April 2005. Woolacombe 2005

10 February 2005. Baldersdale 2005

20 January 2005. Tignes 2005

27 September 2004. Snowdonia with some Hopkinses

28 June 2004. Saab Salomon Mountain Mayhem June 2004

2 June 2004. Afan Argoed May 2004

21 March 2004. Polaris Spring 2004.

16 February 2004. Images of the Acorn ARM Evaluation System.

29 January 2004. Pictures of the Roman Road in the snow.

18 September 2003. Pictures from Scotland in July and Austria in September.

5 August 2003. Images from Llanberis.

21 July 2003. Pictures from Climbing in The Roaches are now online.

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What's going on in the workshop? http://www.martin-jones.com/