Cambridge University Cycling Club, the merry bunch of people I often ride with
Malcolm's pages, containing marvellous things about MGs, V8s and Renault 4s.

Vord Consulting's web design business. If you need a site or page done, take a look here.

Clementine's Renault 4 Garage. A confirmed francophile, she knows a thing or two about advanced corrosion management.

Hartley Jones Innovation Ltd, the consultancy run by my father
Adrian Thurrell's site, full of good stuff about travelling, climbing and biking, especially routes in the Peak District
Bart Hallmark's site, with more bike routes and handy weather links


A marvellous site if you're interested in riding your bike, driving your car or even walking in daft places. It documents hundreds of fords in Britain and further afield.
A site, mostly in Dutch, but with lots of interesting information about Philips Motional Feedback loudspeakers.
A fun service for your colour mobile phone